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Andreas Ehmling AirstreamAgency

Andreas Ehmling AirstreamAgency

History/Background of my enthusiasm and passion for nostalgic American vehicles

Due to my working stay in Venezuela in 1982/1983, I became very excited about and interested in American vintage cars.

You could see these old and impressing vintage “beauties” everywhere on the street at that time, even mostly all of them were not in good repair but in very poor condition.
Influenced and inspired by this street setting/scenery another 10 years should pass by until I could afford to satisfy my wish with the acquisition of my “Amercian dream”, a beautiful vintage car.

In 1993 I bought my favourite vintage car, a Buick Le Sabre built in 1960 (convertible/cabriolet with really beautiful tail fins. The Buick Le Sabre became my constant companion and favourite means of transport. I attended many Oldtimer meetings with my “best friend and assistant”. And, of course, the Buick Le Sabre was our first choice when going on vacation. As we enjoyed camping and sleeping in the tent at that time, we became more and more fed up with the cold-humid and bad weather conditions, you always have to face with in the northern regions. The wish/desire for a camping mobile became stronger even “snowballing”. However, the new camper mobile should be able “to compete” and keep up with the beautiful body structure/aspect of my Buick Le Sabre. This way, the Buick should be used as a towing vehicle.

It will not be difficult for you to guess, that my first choice could only be an appropriate/adequate American trailer and therefore, I could only opt for another beauty, an American Airstream.

I tried to figure out the best and most convenient way to become the owner of an Airstream. It was not easy as Airstream dealers were hard to find in Germany and, according to this, prices were astronomically high. As I did not want to loose more time, I came to the decision to look for my “second American dream” on my own. I went down by plane to the USA and started to look for my future trailer and “object of desire” on spot.

One of my American friends assisted me with the acquisition of a 1954 Flying Cloud, which I imported to Germany. I started rebuilding the trailer. A couple of alternation works had to be done. Spending numerous working hours with tender and loving care on my “newly acquired best silver property “, I spared no effort to restore this 1954 Flying Cloud to its original condition. After having finished with detail work and the high mirror polishing, I started travelling with my Buick Le Sabre towing my mirror bright 1954 Flying Cloud. As before, I continued attending numerous vintage car meetings, this time being accompanied by two “American Beauties”.

Many people showed their interest in my Buick Le Sabre 1960, but overall in my brightly shining Silver piece of jewellery, my high mirror polished Flying Cloud. People started writing me, asked me questions on behalf of my Airstream. This initial impulse resulted in a self-perpetuating dynamic.
I started with the acquisition of vintage Airstreams for enthusiastic vintage customers and friends. Apart from searching and importing them, the restoration and rebuilding of those trailers became one of my favourite hobbies.

Due to the fact that I was a motor mechanic, and, after having worked several years in this field, I studied civil engineering and business economics/administration, it was easy for me to figure out the appropriate vintage Airstream for prospective customers. Based on many years of professional experience, I have developed a keen sense for the individual needs of my customers.

Did I make you curios and called your attention? Are you a vintage enthusiast/passionate and need assistance in the acquisition of an Airstream/Streamliner or any other American vintage car, then do not hesitate to contact me. It will be a pleasure for me to advice and assist you in the acquisition, import procedure and the rebuilding of the vehicle. I can help you as well with the EU homologation, getting the vehicle approved and ready for European roads.

If you already bought your Airstream and need help with the restoration and equipment of your Airstream, you can contact me as well.

No matter what might be your individual concern, I can offer you the range of my services from the acquisition to the EU homologation, including import and restoration work. Just give me a call or contact me by e-mail including your phone number, and I will call you back for detailed information with regard to your request.

Anyway, thank your for your attention and interest in my website: According to the motto providing you with information and ideas just “small but nice”, I desisted from effects and animations and tried to keep it simple but informative. I hope having sparked your interest in vintage Airstreams.

Thank your for having taken your time exploring and studying my site.