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Restoration Project Airstream Liner 1950

Photo documentation “step by step” regarding the restoration of an Airstream..

Mobile Restaurant, Catering and Food Service

Ideal mobile solution to serve your food This Airstream Bison Burger was equipped on customer’s request with …

Event Mobile - Airstream Flying Cloud 1951

This Airstream has been converted into an event trailer for shows, fairs and guided bike tours in Italy …

The Airstream-Ambassador 1968

The flexible interior offers a variety of possible applications…

Airstream Overlander 1960 and Airstream Ambassador 1968

These two Airstream Catering “All-rounder” offer a variety of possibilities from Snacks to Haute Cuisine…




Thank you for visiting our website. You are joining a small but very special site of the Vintage Airstream marketplace located in Germany. According to /following the motto “small but beautiful and smart”, we keep attaching great importance to personalized advisory services.

Are you looking for a vintage trailer with an aesthetic appeal due to its structure consisting of an easily recognized distinctive aluminium silver body with rounded edges polished to a mirror shine ? Do you like collector items? Are you an aficionado who is looking for a recreational vehicle that offers comfort and an exceptional outer shell made of an arrangement of beautiful panels placed in a continuous row in the front and the rear of the roof?

Or maybe, you are only looking for an original US trailer to be customized in terms of rebuilding/reconversion, thus /in this way integrating your business ideas suitable for the next marketing campaign? Are you a passionate amateur/hobbyist a perfect “do-it-yourself-er”, who needs a trailer for private purposes and wants to do the rebuilding/restoration of the vehicle on his own? Perhaps you are already a contended happy owner of an American vintage trailer, and, now are looking for someone who will assist you with the rebuilding of your vehicle with “words and deeds”? This includes as well the homologation of your vehicle ready for European roads and the acceptance procedure, getting your vehicle approved and authorized by the inspection of the Technical Control Board /Technical inspection agency (TÜV).

We would be pleased to help you whatever range of services of the above-mentioned variants/options might be your special case.