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Range of our Services:

  • Consulting of interested companies and private persons according to their special requirements for different types of use (Food Truck, Sales Truck, Event Mobile, various business projects, caravaning as well as for private use
  • Import of Airstream trailers from the USA
  • Conversion and EU-homologation to get the imported Airstream ready for European roads, approved and authorized by the Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV)
  • Professional restoration of Vintage Airstreams
  • Customized conversions and customized completion of the interior – interior fittings and works
  • Repair and maintenance – repairing of insured loss – insurance claims – insurance damages
  • High mirror polishing of Airstream exterior skins – aluminium
  • Spare parts info,  spare parts order and spare parts delivery
  • Airstream SALES on behalf of the customer – Airstream sale on a a commission basis
  • Airstream RENT  on behalf of the customer – Airstream rent on a a commission basis

Thank you for visiting our website. You are joining a small but very special site of the Vintage Airstream marketplace located in Germany. According to /following the motto “small but beautiful and smart”, we keep attaching great importance to personalized advisory services.

Are you looking for a vintage trailer with an aesthetic appeal due to its structure consisting of an easily recognized distinctive aluminium silver body with rounded edges polished to a mirror shine ? Do you like collector items? Are you an aficionado who is looking for a recreational vehicle that offers comfort and an exceptional outer shell made of an arrangement of beautiful panels placed in a continuous row in the front and the rear of the roof? Or maybe, you are only looking for an original US trailer to be customized in terms of rebuilding/reconversion, thus /in this way integrating your business ideas suitable for the next marketing campaign? Are you a passionate amateur/hobbyist a perfect “do-it-yourself-er”, who needs a trailer for private purposes and wants to do the rebuilding/restoration of the vehicle on his own? Perhaps you are already a contended happy owner of an American vintage trailer, and, now are looking for someone who will assist you with the rebuilding of your vehicle with “words and deeds”? This includes as well the homologation of your vehicle ready for European roads and the acceptance procedure, getting your vehicle approved and authorized by the inspection of the Technical Control Board /Technical inspection agency (TÜV). We would be pleased to help you whatever range of services of the above-mentioned variants/options might be your special case.

As a labour of love for American vintage vehicles, the founder of AirstreamAgency GmbH started in 1994 to import Airstream trailers and other rare collector items for vintage enthusiasts from the USA to Germany, where he restored them on his own. Due to the increasing interest and demand, his initial hobby started assuming a certain “shape”. As some of you might have experienced, sometimes, that is “the way life goes”. What started as a hobby in the very beginning, developed into a small company. Even it appears to be exceptional nowadays, but we exercise due care in remaining a small company.

We stick to our principle assuring a personalized attention to our customers and are keen to care for their individual needs and demands. Therefore, a close contact is important to us. We care for not becoming global, but giving individual attention to aficionados of American vintage cars and trailers.

We are specialized in consulting, import, restoration, customized conversions, structural alteration works and modifications. We care for the homologation /approval/authorization of your vehicle according to EU regulations. Our offer of vintage vehicles ranges from Airstream, Streamliner to the Woodie trailer and even comprises very rare collector vehicles as a 1954 Airfloat Landyacht or a 1937 Covered Wagon. As long as the vintage vehicles are original, attractive and rare or even new built but stick /remain true to the retro-look, they are interesting for us. Some of them even unique pieces.

Our selected vintage Airstream trailers are attractive eye-catchers for private purposes or public events, trade fairs, exhibitions and Roadshows. We offer most of them for sale. However, in the near future, we will have a few items for rent.

Sharing with you the special basic feeling for the nostalgic atmosphere recalling former times, we would like to provide you with numerous creative ideas that will take you back showing some aspects of the vintage Airstream lifestyle including our personal experiences with Vintage Airstreams. We want to inspire you with the help of photos of different vintage Airstream trailers. This will make it easy for you to develop your personal feeling for the American “High-Mirror-Polished-Vintage-Goodies” and their designs.

Incorporate your personal identity into the design of your future retro camper, sales or promotion mobile and your friends and circle of acquaintances will immediately recognize that this historical caravan must be yours or that of your company.

We are specialized in offering completely new as well as used trailers for sale and for rent (including a towing vehicle (if so needed).
We appreciate your interest and hope you will pass/transmit our Website to your friends and other Vintage, Woodie and Airstream enthusiasts you might know. Thank you in advance !

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Apart from German and English, you can write us in French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese and we will get back to you as soon as we can – or …….just give us a call!

If you want to know more about the German founder of the company and his passion for old American Vintage cars that started in Venezuela, please click ABOUT ME.